About me

I am a painter, draftsman, photographer and multimedia artist. I have exhibited regularly in Belgium and/or abroad since the nineties. I studied photography, multimedia and sciences. I ran a communications agency for many years. Together with my daughter Eleonore, we run the popular webstore Monreef, selling designer wear and the art our garments are based upon. Check out

My approach to Art

I am passionate about allegoric themes hidden away under layers of contrasting and uneven content of our funny universe with its distinct decors and beings. The world we live in is full of strange things and odd situations marked by a highly subjective perception of the participant and/or spectator. As an artist all I want to do is to document this scattered reality for others to comment on it. My field of action is Planet Earth, plagued by an overload of humans and yet futilised by an endless multiverse. There is both light and darkness, there is both beauty and ugliness. I want my art to resonate all of this. I want to create a unique microcosmos of personal yet distinct art that is a reflecting myself as a human being interacting with a continuously evolving and surprising world.


I usually work in thematic series that vary widely from figurative to abstract artworks. I like the depth of an artwork which does not reveal itself immediately.  I enjoy obscuring  the obvious and hinting at the hidden, slowly revealing the disguised. Contentwise I am intrigued by a great many things in our cosmos full of contrast and depth with humanity at our core.  Life is a malleable concept. In terms of form I enjoy exploring the boundaries between photography and painting. I like elaborating the transition zone between abstract and figurative work where one wonders what the artwork really represents. I like playing with 3D presentations and blurring the lines between 3D and 2D perception. I love layering content and juxtaposing opposing stuff. I like contrast, textures, geometry and humanoids with humor.


I am working with different media combining pencils, pens, crayons, inks, watercolors, acrylic and oil paints and other mixed media elements.  I like to work on paper and canvas, wood and other textures. I use varying techniques: drawing, coloring, washing, painting, dripping, flicking, sticking, gluing, rubbing, composing, decomposing and, most preferably, I enjoy immersing myself in a mixture of it all.