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Tiffin - Tea For Two

Tiffin - Tea For Two

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Original Artwork Made by Frank Nicolaï in 1990
A2 size
Watercolor Paper 
Acrylic inks and watercolors

This series dwells on the transition zone between figurative and abstract art. Although the composing elements are often modern day and mundane mass-produced objects such as cars or airplanes or kitchen & house utilities such as scissors, razors or cleaning products, they are highly abstracted almost beyond being recognizable. One or a few persons (always blank and therefore undefined) appear as quiet, almost absent spectators amidst it all who seem to reflect on the state of the world they have to live and function in. The overall result looks a bit like a stained glass window, albeit in an abstract rendition. Something remains unresolved and asks for further contemplation and explanation. Is this the way it had to be or the world had to go, the spectators seems to ask themselves? Was it for the better or the worse? Is there any turning back if we don’ t like it? What lies ahead of us? Are we going in the right direction? Some unanswered questions linger on. In a way it could be considered as a sublimated tribute to pop-art whereby imagery from popular and mass culture is included in the artworks.

Tiffin is an Indian word that refers to a light breakfast or a light tea-time meal at about 3 p.m. consisting of typical tea-time foods. Not everyone drinks tea though. Some drink herbal tea and others prefer coffee. There are two persons depicted here. It could be couple but this is unsure. The objects represented are two tea spoons, two tea cups, a milk jug, a kettle and a coffee machine. No signs of a meal though. The title is a vague reference at Rudyard Kipling who lived in India.

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