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Microcosmos #4

Microcosmos #4

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Acryl on paper

42,5 x 59 cm

Original Artwork Made in 1992 by Frank Nicolaï

The Microcosmos Series

In this series I try to depict impressions of the microcosm. The macrocosm can be partly visualized through giant (IR) telescopes such as the James Webb Telescope. The microcosm can be partly visualised with (electron) microscopes but it is much more difficult because other scientific laws apply. There is the fundamental uncertainty of observation according to Heisenberg. In addition, mathematically there should be 11 dimensions to result in a comprehensive theory of everything, the so-called M-theory that reconciles all other scientific laws. These paintings are personal but imaginary visualizations of the microcosm where elements such as textures, strings, membranes and higher dimensions are represented rather hypothetically (uncertainty) according to the artistic inspiration and approach of the moment. Also in this series there are recurring artistic themes. The interface between figuration and abstraction is once again explored. In addition, visualisations of 2D and 3D forms are mixed, blurred and artistically explorated to yield an undefined state of things. (uncertainty).

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